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About OptiMind Neurofeedback

Focus, Clarity and Serenity Since 2012

Since I began seeing clients in 2012, I’ve facilitated thousands of brain training sessions. I've watched brains make changes for the better with clients' responses spanning the scale from "this is nice" to "It's utterly miraculous".

Ranging in age from 3 to 93 years old, my clients love the health benefits of helping the brain train to its most efficient state. 

My clients include Students, Parents, Retirees, Actors, Writers, Comedians, Veterans, Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, and many more, all of whom appreciate how brain training at OptiMind quite literally puts their minds at ease. 

OptiMind Neurofeedback is ready to help you, too, so don’t postpone your brain's best health another day, get in touch today!

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