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Personal Trainer Rentals

Mental Fitness Begins At Home

Want to Train at 5 am

- on a Sunday

- in your own backyard?

No problem! Personal Trainer Rentals allow you to get the same training you get with Jules in your own space whenever it's convenient to you. 

Personal Trainer Rentals are user-friendly and offer substantial savings over the cost of in-person training.

Personal Trainer Rentals are available to those living in and around Los Angeles and a Delivery Fee applies to clients living more than 10 miles from Burbank, CA, 91502.

In order to keep rentals available to local clients, I do not ship.

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Personal Trainer FAQ

I'm not good with technology - can I do this?

If you can stick a wad of gum under a table and double-tap to select an item on a touch screen, then YES, you absolutely can do this.

How many sessions can I run when I rent the unit?

Plans range from 5 included sessions to unlimited included sessions.  If you use all included sessions on limited plans, you're free to run extra sessions for just $25 apiece.

How much does it cost?

Plans range from $375 to $1200, and a delivery fee applies to units delivered more than 10 miles from Burbank, CA.

What if I use all of my included sessions?

If you feel you're finished, you may return the unit.  If you want to continue training, additional sessions cost just $25 apiece.

What if I don't use all my included sessions?

I strongly encourage renters to use all contracted sessions to realize maximum training benefits. Folks with the Original Plan (20 sessions) may receive $25 credit toward in-person training for up to six unused sessions for a maximum of $150 credit.  Unused sessions in the Lite (10 session) and Sprint (5 session) Plans are forfeited.  If you have sessions left and your rental is nearing its end you may share training with family and friends to use them all.

May I extend my rental?

A Continuation of Rental Contract can keep your training going and is available on a case-by-case basis.

What if I need help figuring things out?

You will have a Personal Trainer Boot Camp when you receive the rental, during which you will get comfortable placing sensors and learning the very easy mechanics of running sessions.  In addition, rentals come with step-by-step instruction cards and video instructions.  If you find you need more help, you may always email, text or call to work through your questions.

How will I know it's working?

Included in your rental kit are goal-setting and concern-tracking forms.  I strongly encourage clients to complete this very simple paperwork before beginning to accurately track progress. You will notice things changing as you train and these forms are there to help you remember where you began.  Changes happen so quickly and seamlessly when training that it's easy to forget how things were if you don't take time to establish your baseline.

Can I just run 20 sessions back-to-back in a single day?

Yes, but please don't.   Your brain just stops listening after a certain amount of time and it would be time and money wasted. Great training occurs with as few as a session or two per week.  You can safely run daily sessions, and you could even run twice daily sessions, but you don't have to. Having a trainer at home means you can easily train as often as you find you want it.

What if I don't think it's working?

The brain rights itself on its own schedule.  If you go into training thinking "this only works if I quit doing X", you are not setting yourself up for the best possible outcome.  Changes will occur.  your brain may decide to correct A, Q, S, D and Z before it gets to X.  Does that mean it isn't working?  If your quality of life is generally improving even though that primary problem is still there, I encourage you to continue training to the end of your contract to see what changes your brain has in store for you.

Can you ship it to me?

I keep my machines local to Los Angeles to keep things simple, quick and cost-effective for all.  A delivery fee covers both delivery and return of the machine for those living more than 10 miles out from Burbank, CA, 91502.

Should I check in with you when I'm training at home?

By all means, if you're so motivated, please do!  I love it when my clients give me a little call or email to share updates on their progress. 

But more importantly, check in with yourself while training.  If you're a journaling type, take note of the little changes you're noticing along the way and you'll have a written record of your NeurOptimal® journey when you're finished.

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