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Change Happens (Don't Worry)

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Often times when people come to brain training because they're dealing with anxiousness, worry or dread, they come with a little extra nagging baggage in the back of their minds.

Yes, these feelings are horrible. They may be overshadowing every move a person makes. But that person knows however debilitating that anxiousness feels, they are still alive, so it's something they can handle.

When that first step into training starts, the nagging baggage might scream, BUT WHAT IF IT GETS WORSE?!!!!" That fear of things worsening is a reason many folks never come to train. It's the reason some may take a single session and then never return.

But here's the trick. The brain is wise. Once in training, it is alerted instantly when those old worry ruts are kicking in and suddenly it can see in the moment it is happening that worrying is an enormous waste of time and energy. So the brain works very hard to change one's relationship to worry.

Things may absolutely change on the way - all kinds of things - while the brain sorts things out. I liken this to cleaning out the garage.

While one is in the process of cleaning that garage up, it can get a little messy. One has to decide what stuff to keep, what stuff is garbage, what stuff to donate, etc. There may be stuff strewn all over the driveway while this sorting takes place.

Similarly, the brain in training is finding its "keepers" (those behaviors which are benefitting it), the "trash heap" (those energy wasting behaviors) and the "donates" (those behaviors that are truly someone else's responsibility!) From the chaos comes organization, and more importantly ease.

And just as that garage, once tackled, becomes organized and makes sense, the brain, once trained, becomes calmer, more centered, and more able to kick out the garbage before it comes in.

Change will happen. The trick is not to panic before the miracle starts. Just keep breathing out, letting the world refill those lungs again. And when it's training time, you know how to find me.

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