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When Someone You Love Suffers

Many times we are brought into brain training because someone we love is suffering.

Perhaps your significant other is experiencing a toxic work environment, leading them to lose sleep, and feel anxiousness or despondency. Maybe they're dealing with dependency of some kind that is straining your relationship.

Perhaps a youngster in your orbit is neuro-atypical, finding it hard to find friendships or fit in at school. Perhaps they have attention issues, making it difficult to learn in a traditional setting.

Maybe an adolescent in your life is struggling with gender norms and doesn't feel the support they need, maybe they've got disordered eating or anger that won't seem to go away.

You might be seeing signs of cognitive slippage in your parent, and that person who was always there for you is now mentally fading away, bit by bit, though they're bodily still there.

All of these people around us, suffering, have a very deep impact on our emotional and mental well-being.

Many times the parent (usually the mom) of a child who is suffering comes to me for brain training for the child. As they notice signs of the child's brain optimizing (fewer distractions, more focus, calmer mood), they feel an enormous sense of relief that the child's brain is getting on track with their best possible expression of self. The child may go through a full course of training and the parent may be enormously satisfied.

To these parents, I always offer that though the child is is the one suffering most visibly, the entire family unit is feeling the consequences of that suffering. If we take it to an Emergency Room metaphor, the child is triaged first, but that's not to say everyone else in the waiting room doesn't need help as well. Parents who train with their children find their own brains optimizing as well. Days become easier, and progress multiplies.

This is why, whenever a client books a package of sessions or a NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer Rental, I'm clear that ANYONE in the family can use the sessions - not just the person whose issues were primary to booking my services.

It's also why, in the case of any client whose concerns will likely take serious dedication to training, I encourage families to rent the Original Plan system rental which includes 20 sessions in a month, or the Limitless Plan, which allows the entire family to train as many times as they want and need to in a month. The systemic calm that comes from brain training helps everyone to heal together. And the rental plans offer the lowest per-session cost to fit into most family budgets.

I started my business because brain training alleviated my son's suffering, and I'm so proud to say that as a family, my sons, husband, and I have had over a thousand sessions over the last 10 years. We are so much stronger together because we've all trained our brains.

The Family that Trains Together, Remains Together.

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