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Sports Pros Lean Into Neurofeedback

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Olympic Beach Volleyballer Kerry Walsh-Jennings does it. The Vancouver Canucks took the 2011 Stanley Cup with it. The Italian National Soccer Team won the World Cup in 2006 with it. Elite athletes in weightlifting, skiing, rowing, golf and more are finding their focus with the assistance of neurofeedback.

Brain training helps the brain to understand it's usage of electricity. A brain wants to function as electrically efficiently as possible but without knowing exactly what's going on, the brain merely gets by, doing its best. Brain training lets a brain know instantly how well it is processing and points out when a process is inefficient in the moment it occurs. So the brain can return to the present and choose another, more electrically efficient path.

Ruminating on past disappointments, worrying about future events and "worst case scenario" thinking are all tremendous electrical vacuums. With brain training the brain learns to avoid these pitfalls to stay focused, keep present and be in the zone.

Whether you're an Olympic hopeful or just a worker bee trying to hit better at the company softball game, brain training with OptiMind Neurofeedback may help take your sports performance to a new level.

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