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Happy (?!) Holidays

Somewhere around September, it begins. In their efforts to hype the holidays (and make that $$holiday money$$), stores seem to skip right over Halloween to bring in turkeys and mistletoe. The Christmas carols start chiming in on Black Friday and the street corner Santas start ringing their bells for Salvation Army December 1.

There's a lot of pressure to "get in the spirit".

But what if your spirit isn't in it?

Carols croon about families gathering. What if your family is missing people dear to you this year due to a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic? What if your family is unable to gather because that same pandemic is still claiming lives and your people are just too precious to risk? What if you're estranged from your family? What if you don't even celebrate Christmas? The grinning faces in advertisements just keep that pressure on.

You. Should. Be. Happy.

Frankly, that pressure to conform to the manufactured happiness of the season can get downright overwhelming.

Let's get over the overwhelmed feeling. Training with NeurOptimal® helps to relieve your own internal pressure to keep up. Brain training helps you to uncover your compassion to yourself to allow you to just be.... Whatever.

You may not be grinning ear to ear, making snowballs and cocoa. That's fine. (Chances are, the actors in the commercials who are grinning like that are very relieved to let go of the charade once the cameras are off!)

Maybe you're under a comforter watching Netflix instead. Totally fine.

Maybe you're flipping off other drivers around you as you make your way through a crowded parking lot. That's gonna happen, too. Fine.

(But maybe train a little more to find your zen if that's the case more often than not).

You are enough, exactly as you feel right now. Brain training helps you to realize this and to calm yourself through the storm of the season that brings up so much for so many.

I won't wish you a happy holiday season. Instead, I'll wish you peace and offer you a means to find it if you want to train your brain to a more self-loving state.

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