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Happy Pride Month!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

June is celebrated worldwide as LGBTQIA+ Pride month and OptiMind Neurofeedback is a proud ally to the community.

It's not a secret that coming out can be an enormously stress-filled time. Living one's truth should not have to be a struggle but in a less-than-supportive environment, it can be.

Brain Training at OptiMind Neurofeedback can help clients spend less time "in their heads" and more time living their best lives. As one trains, self-love and compassion become easier to find.

Brain Training is all about teaching the brain to use its electrical resources more efficiently. Worry and fear are enormous energy drains.

Yes, we can't change the world around you - but we can absolutely help to make you more resilient, comfortable and confident as you walk your lived truth and respond efficiently to that environment.

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