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This July, Gain YOUR Independence!

Have you got a persistent mental habit that makes your life sub-optimal?

Perhaps you're a worrier, always envisioning the worst case scenario.

Maybe you ruminate on the wrongs others have done to you in the past.

Do you move forward after you've made a mistake or do you re-live the scenario over and over, trying to work out how it could have gone better?

If any of these examples sound familiar, maybe it's time to train your brain.

Brain training at OptiMind Neurofeedback with the leading-edge power of NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® helps your brain to instantaneously understand when it's going into these well-worn mental ruts and to return to the present moment.

The more we learn to stay in the moment, the easier it is to give up these types of negative states and to create an easier focus on what is happening here and now.

Think of it like mindfulness meditation with an electronic boost.

It's easy; you simply relax while the brain gets instantaneous information about what it is doing so it can choose to forge a new path forward. The innate power of the central nervous system to heal itself is awe-inspiring.

Are you ready to let your brain forge a new path? Call today!

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