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Training clients with the power of NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®.

NeurOptimal®  is an FDA-Designated General Wellness Product.

Brain Training is a pathway to personal transformation which can:

– Promote healthy sleep habits –

– Increase instruction-following, concentration, and problem-solving – 

– Decrease distractibility –

– Increase flexibility and resilience, improving coping skills –

– Decrease reactivity –

– Boost confidence and mental wellness –

– Promote deep relaxation –

– Ease mental fogginess or lack of clarity –

– Be a critical part of your self-care regimen –

  • Schedule a free 30-minute consultation call to discuss brain training.

    30 min

  • Training 2 Go brings one-on-one brain training to your home or office.

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
  • Train in your own space whenever it's convenient to you with a rental.

    1 hr

  • Brain training at your business for your clients and employees.

    4 hr

    $800 and up
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About Jules Ford

Neuroplasticity Amazes Me

When my son was diagnosed with ADHD, I felt medication should be a last-resort option only. Researching effective alternatives, I decided to try neurofeedback. 

Ten sessions in, my son began doing homework without my having to ask him.  Twenty sessions in, he discovered his natural gifts in math.  Forty sessions in, he was a calmer, infinitely more confident kid.  His grades and reading comprehension improved dramatically.  It was a monumental investment in the health and emotional well-being of our child and the improved harmony of our entire family.  

I've never looked back.

His amazing success compelled me to bring this technology to others dealing with attention issues and other symptoms of a brain out of sync with itself.  I am honored to facilitate sessions and watch clients' lives change with the tremendous transformative power of NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®.

Photo Credit: Liz Barlak Photography


I don’t think I could have anticipated the kinds of change I experienced. I have spent a lifetime in traditional therapy and have never seen observable results in this short amount of time! We both got so much from this and hope to do more in the near future!

Laurel (Personal Trainer Rental Client)

Very rich meditative time, physically profound – very invigorating.  I actually see better after a session  - the borders of perception are clearer from the profound rest.


I used to be so quick to anger at any provocation.  After just ten sessions I felt a peace settle over me.  I’m better for my kids and my husband. My ability to get things done has magnified and my perspective has totally changed.  Our days are easier.


My ability to process through conflicts is much brisker than a month ago- I’m clearing emotional issues quicker.


I've been seeing Jules for about 4 months. A total of 21 sessions to date. Man, it has changed my life - less anxiety, more patience, calmer, less stress eating and more confident and better able to control my moods. I'm so glad I found her.


Almost every session, I experience some kind of breakthrough.  Memories seem to be coming back and many issues that were unresolved are surfacing so that I can clear them.  I feel calm and there isn’t much that can rattle me.  Stress seems like a long ago memory.  I’m sure you’ve heard most of this from your other clients, but wanted you to know how beneficial I am finding this.

Jeanine (Personal Trainer Rental Client)

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